How do I cancel an order using the POS?




  • Richard Bothwell

    If the order is canceled, is there a refund generated?

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  • Erneybgstop

    This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week which is an awareness campaign that focuses on keeping America’s children safer on the roads. Statistics show that every year thousands of children are injured or killed in vehicle crashes, which is the leading cause of death for children ages one to 13. While road injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths in children, correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk by as much as 71 percent.

    A. Yes. You need to replace your child’s car seat if it was involved in any accident - even a minor one. Even if there is no visible damage to the car seat, the impact and force of a collision can cause unseen structural damage. Any such damage may prohibit your car seat from adequately protecting your child in the event of a sudden stop or crash. Some insurance carriers will reimburse you for the replacement of a new car seat if it was in a crash. Check with your insurance provider for details on your policy.

    Graco My Ride 65

    Car seats that are damaged, expired, or that your child has outgrown can be destroyed or recycled. Call your local waste management company to find out if they have a car seat recycling program. If not, you can "render the seat unusable" by cutting and removing the harness and breaking the plastic shell or writing "UNSAFE - DO NOT USE" on the plastic shell in permanent marker. The seat can then be disposed of normally. Convertible seats —Seats that "convert" from rear-facing to forward-facing seats. These include 3-in-1 seats. The car seat your child will be using fits properly in the vehicle used for transport. If the car seat is recalled, contact the manufacturer and follow its guidance to receive a free fix for your seat; History of the Car Seat in Photos

    Generally speaking, the best convertible car seat for a small car is the Combi Cocorro ($170-$249). The Japanese-inspired Cocorro is specially designed for small, fuel-efficient cars. It weighs only 11 pounds and I’ll admit, it’s quite luxurious! People who own this seat love it. This seat also fits 3-across very nicely, but unless you have triplets, it’s unlikely that you will have 3 kids that fall in this age/height/weight range (~under 4) – if you do, God bless you.

    No, these products should not be used. They may actually interfere with proper seat belt fit by causing the lap belt to ride too high on the stomach and making the shoulder belt too loose. They can even damage the seat belt. This rule applies to car safety seats too; do not use any extra products unless they came with the seat or are specifically approved by the seat’s manufacturer. There are no federal safety standards for these products, and the AAP does not recommend they be used. As long as children are riding in the correct restraint for their size, they should not need to use additional devices. Shopping for Car Seats

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  • Erneybgstop

    Now making the perfect rice dish is easy with the new brushed stainless Cuisinart Rice Cooker. Its steam vent helps to prevent splattering, while its chrome-plated handles stay cool to the touch. Use the built-in tray to steam other foods while the rice is cooking; when you’re done, the non-stick coating and durable construction make cleanup a breeze.

    Building Android directly into devices can make it easier for electronic equipment and appliances to exchange information with less human intervention. A television, for example, might show a pop-up message from a clothes dryer in the basement, indicating that the homeowner’s jeans are not yet dry. The user could press a button on the TV remote to automatically add 15 minutes to the dryer cycle. A connected rice cooker could determine what type of rice is being used and set cooking instructions accordingly.

    Follow the instructions that come with your rice cooker. For most cookers, combine 1-1/2 to 2 cups of liquid with 1 cup of rice; this will yield about 3 cups rice, or enough for 6 (1/2 cup) servings. The smaller amount is for separate, drier grains of rice. The larger amount results in rice that is stickier. Most rice cookers can keep the cooked rice warm for hours without burning. So for a busy person who cooks a lot of rice or other grains, I think a rice cooker is a great appliance to have. It’s just one less thing to think about after all. About the rice cooker cup A rice cooker or rice steamer (also known colloquially as a rice maker in America) is an electric kitchen appliance used to boil or steam rice for human consumption. Rice & Water Ratio mouse click the following internet site

    Incorporated into many varieties of the fuzzy logic rice steamer and other high-end neuro fuzzy rice cooker models are features like LCD ( liquid crystal display ) panels, which allow the user to select exactly the setting they need. These panels and long timer settings ensure even cooking that is adjusted for the exact rice and volume being prepared, which in turn means no burned or wasted food or dinnertime disappointments. Five Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Rice Cooker

    Granted, some of these steps are necessary for primitive cookers too — putting the rice in the pot and plugging in the cooker, for instance. But the old cooker had one button that worked all the time, and I always knew when it was on and I never had to consult a manual to figure out how to use it. The new one is practically inscrutable in comparison. You might argue that the new one does more , of course; there are at least a half-dozen modes, and maybe some of them are useful, even. But I’m willing to bet that it’s not going to last me twenty-five years. +

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